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1.1. System Requirements

In order to use AlertMail, you must have a web browser that is capable of using a secure site or SSL, and have support for cookies turned on. All of the major web browsers have been tested with AlertMail including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera and Safari. You also need a primary email address that supports full length messages and is not size limited like a cell phone or pager. You can create additional email accounts that do support a cell phone or pager after you signup. All types of email accounts including POP3/IMAP and web based services like Hotmail and Yahoo will work.

All of the major operating systems have been tested including Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, and Linux/Unix. You must provide your own Internet connection in order to use AlertMail, and dialup or highspeed service will work. Some mobile phone web browsers will work with the AlertMail web interface, but at this time they are not supported.

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