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2.11. Event Filters

To setup event filters, first login to the AlertMail web interface. Open the Alert Feeds page, and select the feed you want to filter. Click the Event Filters button and you will see all of the event filters available for this feed. The default value for an event filter is "Warning". If you need to reset all of the filters to the default, use the Defaults button. Be aware that event filters work in conjunction with your email address settings. If you have selected Alerts Only for any email address, then you will not receive Warning or Info messages, even if you create event filters.

For each event type listed you can create a custom filter. The default is Warning, so if you don't want to change anything for that filter, just leave the warning box checked. If you only want to receive Alert level messages for a particular event type, then choose the Alert level box. If you want to receive Info level messages in addition to Warning and Alert levels, choose the Info level box. Please note that choosing the Info level will increase the number of email messages your receive. You can always adjust these values later.

For example, I may have asthma and be sensitive to smog. So whenever smog levels begin to rise I would like to be notified. So for the Air Quality event type I select the Info box. AlertMail will now send me the lower level warnings in addition to the higher level warnings meant for the general public. But perhaps I'm not interested in Flood advisories and warnings because of where I live. So I set the Flood Warning event type to Alert, so that any warnings about rising water levels will not reach me, until a high priority alert is issued.

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