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3.5. Spam Filters

Spam filters are the most common problem with receiving email alerts. Many email providers have instituted spam filters and while we have taken a number of steps to ensure that messages sent from our servers are not identified as spam, sometimes a filter might be overly aggressive and misidentify our messages. Since the AlertMail system sends a large number of email messages during an emergency, some spam filters view this as spam and will block the messages. In other cases, email providers are using a system called grey-listing, which doesn't block the messages, but delays their delivery, sometimes for several hours.

To prevent a spam filter from blocking AlertMail messages, you need to add the AlertMail email address to your whitelist or approved senders list. This ensures that AlertMail messages will always get to you. How this is done, depends on your spam filtering software. If your Internet/Email Provider is providing the filter, you should contact them, or if you have some desktop software, look through the help section included with your software.

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