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1.5. Account Information

The entry of your email address, password and verification value are the key parts of the AlertMail signup process.

You should enter your primary email address, one which supports full size messages. Do not use a cell phone or pager address here, as these types of accounts are size limited. You can add a secondary address for a cell phone later. Your email address is used to gain entry to the AlertMail web interface to manage your account. You have the option of receiving Alerts Only or Warnings and Alerts. The Alerts Only setting means you will only receive high priority alerts. If you want to receive Warning messages in addition to Alerts, choose Warnings and Alerts. This setting will increase the number of messages you receive from the AlertMail system as there are more warnings posted than alerts. You can change this setting at any time.

Choosing a good AlertMail password is important to safeguarding your account. It should contain letters and numbers and should not be easy to guess. Do not share your password with anyone. If you suspect any tampering with your account, change your password immediately and contact us.

The Verification Code is a special value that is sent with each AlertMail message. Whenever you receive an alert from AlertMail, this unique code of your choosing should be at the top. This ensures that a message is actually coming from the AlertMail system and is not a forgery. If you receive an alert message with a missing or incorrect code, you should treat this message as suspicious. You can select any one of several Verification Types and then enter the corresponding Code of your choice. Do not share this code with anyone.

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