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1.7. Activation

After you have confirmed your AlertMail signup information, and read and accepted the AlertMail Terms of Service, you will receive an Activation Email. This email will include a web hyperlink with an activation code. You need to click this link, and activate your account using the provided code. Once activated, you will receive a Welcome email, and your AlertMail account will be fully operational.

If you are having trouble receiving this Activation email, the most likely cause is spam blocking software. You should check your spam email folder to see if the Activation email has been misidentified as spam. This is a common problem and can be prevented by adding the AlertMail system to your "white list". Further information on spam filter problems is provided in the AlertMail knowledge base.

If you are having problems activating your account, please use the Contact Us form, and provide the full details of your New Signup, such as your name and email address.

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