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2.6. Message Log

The 3 most recent AlertMail messages are displayed on the Account Info page. You can also click the "more" link at the bottom for the 10 most recent messages. This Message Log displays several key pieces of information you can use to find the cause of any AlertMail problems you are having.

Each log entry includes the alert feed that sent the message, the identifier code and event type, the date it was sent, and the status of your AlertMail email addresses. For each email address you have added to AlertMail, you will see a status value. For instance you might have 3 addresses, so you'll see "Sent, Sent, Sent" in the status value. The status value "Sent" means that AlertMail sent the message to you and had no delivery problems. This doesn't mean you'll receive the message, since it might get blocked by a spam filter, or have some other problem along the way. But as far as AlertMail is concerned, it sent the message successfully.

The status value "Filtered" means that this message wasn't sent to an email address because of an AlertMail filter that was in place. If a message is being wrongly filtered, you should check the settings for that email address and adjust them to properly include future messages. The filtering might be caused by the message level, area, or event type.

If there is an error sending a message to any of your AlertMail email addresses, an error message in red text will appear in the status value. Common errors are email addresses that are no longer active and email is being returned. You should correct the email address, or remove it all together.

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