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2.7. Email Addresses

The Email Addresses sub-menu of the AlertMail web interface allows you to manage your AlertMail email accounts. You can have 3 email addresses associated with your AlertMail account. The primary account cannot be deleted. You can choose from a limited number of message format options for a primary account as it must be a fully capable email account. Use the "Add" button to setup additional accounts such as for a cell phone, pager, work, etc. These additional accounts can use additional message formats, and also use the late-night filter.

The 3 main format types are Full, Summary, and TXT. A Full message provides all of an alert's details in the message and is a suitable format type for a regular email account. A Summary message, only displays the alert's headline, area, and any special instructions or values, and is a suitable format type for a regular email account, or a handheld device such as a BlackBerry. A TXT message is a very short format designed to fit the size limitations of SMS messaging devices such as cell phones or pagers. The late-night filter option is available for additional accounts, and will prevent sending Warning level messages between the hours of midnight and 6am. This is useful for a cell phone or pager account, as high priority alerts will still be sent, but a smog warning at 2am will not.

If you are having trouble receiving AlertMail messages, select the email address having problems, and click the Test button. This will report any problems AlertMail may encounter, and you can check your end for proper email reception. If AlertMail is having trouble sending to your email address, the cause will be outlined on the email address page. Please follow the suggested steps to correct this problem.

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