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1.2. Initial Steps

To signup for AlertMail, click on the link for AlertMail on the AlertSite menu. This will connect to the AlertMail secure site and display the Login screen. Click the New User - Sign Up link to begin the new user process. If you can't connect to the AlertMail secure site, please ensure you are using a supported web browser, with secure site/SSL support, and you have allowed browser cookies. If you are still having difficulties connecting, please try accessing AlertMail from a different computer. If this new computer works, then after signing up, contact us with the details of your original setup so we can investigate further.

Also, before you begin the signup process, please take a moment to review our Privacy Policy and AlertMail's Terms of Service. You will be providing us with some personal data, such as your name and email address, and our Privacy Policy outlines how we are committed to ensuring this information remains secure.

Finally, if you encounter any problems during the signup process, please go back and try again. You can also contact us with any problems or concerns you have, via the Contact link at the bottom of the web page. Please fill in all of the requested fields and provide us with as much detail as possible.

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